Prestige Club Become a Member

You must have a qualifying First State Bank account in order to join the Prestige Club.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be at least 55 years of age.
  • Must maintain at least one of the following account balances in a First State Bank account
  • $5,000 balance in your Checking or Savings Account.
  • $10,000 balance in a Money Market Account.
  • $25,000 balance in a Certificate of Deposit.
  • $25,000 balance in an IRA
  • $25,000 balance in Investments with First State Bank Investment Services.                                         
  • Account eligibility will be reviewed periodically. Only personal accounts are eligible. Eligibility balances effective for new members beginning 1/2/2020.

    If you are not a current customer and would like to be, contact us today!

    Contact our Prestige Club Coordinator for additional information on joining the First State Bank Prestige Club or submit your information and our Coordinator will contact you.

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