Mobile Wallets

Welcome to a new way to pay.

Mobile Method of Payment

Multiple ways to pay using your First State Bank MasterCard® Debit Card

  • When shopping online, some sites let you use your mobile wallet instead of entering your card information.
  • Hold your phone up to the terminal instead of swiping your card.
  • Use your mobile wallet for in-app purchases.

How to Pay

Step 1:
  • Add your First State Bank Mastercard™ Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet on your device
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Step 2:
  • Look for this symbol in stores so you know where you can use your mobile wallet Mobile Wallet Icon
  • Or, use your Mobile Wallet in-app or online. Simply look for your preferred wallet's logo when you checkout.
Step 3:
  • Hold your phone up to the symbol on the terminal.
  • Or, if your in-app or online simply click and log in with your ID to pay.

Contact a Personal Banker for assistance with using your Mobile Wallet.

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