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CD "Bump-Up" Option

If our rates go up, you get the option to "Bump-Up" to the new rate one time during the term of your CD.

"Bump-up" option is available on 36, 48 and 60 month Certificate of Deposit (CD) effective 2/1/2021. Requests can be made verbally or in writing, to “bump” your Interest Rate and APY* to the current Interest Rate and APY* closest to (but shorter) than the remaining term.  When you elect to exercise the Bump-up option, the new Interest Rate and APY* will be paid for the remaining term of your certificate and will not extend the maturity date. The Certificate of Deposit will automatically renew for the same as the original term. The Bump-up option will not be available after the original maturity date of the Certificate. Minimum Deposit $500. Interest Compounds Semi-Annually. An early withdrawal penalty may be imposed. The rate may change after the account is opened.

*Annual Percentage Yield




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