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Tips On Traveling With Your Debit Card

Planning a trip? Want to take your First State Bank MasterCard™ Debit Card along?

Here are some useful tips and tricks to ensure the safety and security of your finances while traveling. 

  • Always notify your bank when traveling to avoid the inconvenience of having your card blocked due to suspicious activity.

    • Keeping your account safe and secure is our highest priority! Shazam has safeguards in place to protect your account from fraud, one being FICO Falcon Fraud Manager. Using your debit card in an unfamiliar location may prompt a fraud specialist to contact you. If they are unable to make contact, this may cause a hold to be placed on your debit card making spending while traveling frustrating and inconvenient.

    • Make sure you have saved the Text Fraud Alert numbers to your phone so that you know to answer or respond to a text alert if received. Lack of response can prompt a temporary block on your card.

      • Text Message Alert: 72718

      • Automated phone calls from: 855-219-5399

  • Always be sure to have another form of payment when traveling.

    • If your card were to be blocked for some reason having a backup method of payment can offer piece of mind.

  • Use your PIN as often as possible when traveling.

    • Using your PIN (personal identification number) creates "footsteps" and may prevent your card from being blocked.

  • Be sure that First State Bank has your current contact information on file.

    • If Shazam is not able to contact you via the phone # on file with us, your card could be blocked.

  • Be sure you have Shazam's contact information on hand or saved to your phone.

    • If you need to speak to someone after hours regarding your debit card it is helpful to have direct contact information for Shazam.

      Lost or Stolen Card​

      Telephone Number Purpose
      Local First State Bank Phone Number If you need to cancel lost or stolen ATM or debit cards during bank hours.
      (800) 383-8000 SHAZAM - If you need to cancel lost or stolen ATM or debit cards after bank hours.
      (855) 219-5399 Shazam Fraud Operations - If your card is not working and you suspect fraud.
      (800) 717-4923 SHAZAM- If you need to activate your debit card or change your PIN
  • Take advantage of  Shazam Brella™ , a free mobile app that helps protect you from fraud by sending alerts so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity.

    • Note: If you submit a travel notice through the Brella™ App you will still be contacted by a Personal Banker to verify we have the correct contact information and to review the safety tips when traveling with your First State Bank Debit Card.

Please contact a Personal Banker if you have any questions or concerns.



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