Switch Kit


switch kit

Switching is easy………..and WE can help.

1. Open your new First State Bank checking account. 

To open a Basic or Interest Checking account, visit any First State Bank branch, call Member Services at (515) 832-2520 or (800) 557-0520 or use or convenient New Account Application to open an account.

2. Move your transactions to your new account.

Change Your Direct Deposit to First State Bank

For payroll Direct Deposit, fill out our Payroll Direct Deposit Change form and give it to your employer’s payroll office or First State Bank.

To change your Social Security Direct Deposit, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-SSA-1213 (1-800-772-1213) and tell them that you want your Direct Deposit to go to First State Bank.  Be prepared to give them your account number and First State Bank’s routing number (073921718)

Switch Your Automatic Withdrawals to First State Bank.

Use the enclosed Automatic Withdrawal Change form to contact any organization that you have authorized to make automatic withdrawals from your account and let them know that you have switched to First State Bank.  You will need to include a voided check or one of your deposit slips.

Switch Charges Automatically Billed to Your Old Debit Card.

Contact the company that you have authorized to receive payment through your old debit card and tell them to debit your new First State Bank Shazam Debit Card instead.  They will need your new card number and expiration date.

Let Outstanding Checks and Automatic Withdrawals Clear in Your Old Account.

Leave enough money to cover your outstanding checks.  It may take several weeks for everything to clear.

3. Close Your Old Account.

Ask Your Old Financial Institution to Close Your Account.

Request a check for the remaining balance.  Use the enclosed form to make it easy.  Just make sure all your transactions have cleared before closing.

Destroy your Checks and ATM/Check Cards from Your Old Financial Institution

Make the switch. It’s so easy.