Kids Savings Club

Dollars the Dog invites all kids ages 0- 12 years to join! Receive a piggy bank when you sign up! Earn a reward every time you add $5 or more to your account!

Every 3 months you’ll receive a Kids Club newsletter, just for you and your parents. Dollars the Dog will give you some fun tips on how to save and sometimes he’ll announce some fun contests or activites, just for you!

Kids Club Savings Account


Dollars Savings Account

It pays to save and it’s fun and rewarding! The bank pays you interest (money) for keeping your money in the bank.

  • Interest compounds quarterly
  • Regular Savings interest rate
  • Minimum balance to open: $5.00
  • No minimum balance to maintain (unless no activity for 12 months and balance < $100, then dormant fee applies)
  • In-person withdrawals without fee
  • Electronic transfers limited to 6 per month
  • Quarterly statement
  After you have saved $500.00 or more in your Kids Club Savings Account, you can move that money into the Dollars Savings Account which pays you a higher rate of interest than Regular Savings.

  • Interest compounds quarterly
  • Interest rate is variable, based on account balance.
  • Minimum balance to open: $500
  • Minimum balance to maintain: $500
  • No withdrawals allowed until 13th birthday.
  • If closed prior to 13th birthday, a six month interest penalty will be imposed on principal amount on closing date.
  • Upon reaching age 13 years, the account will be converted to a Regular Savings account.
  • Quarterly statement